I get it. Charities are sometimes shady. They often end up being corrupt. People to this day refer to “do gooders” as Mother Teresa, despite the fact that she pulled the same scam as Invisible Children Movement.

What Mama Teresa and ICM do well, however, is bring awareness. My knee-jerk reaction was to be cynical because I’m on tumblr where only ironic things should exist. The video was a slick manipulative advertisement. So are Apple ads. The difference is I didn’t want to buy an Ipad2s made in what I assume is Mordor. I wanted to know more about this Kony dude. The reason I reblogged the video was not because  "a mass murderer makes a five-year-old “sad.” or to "advocate direct military intervention." But rather because it cost me no time to help spark a dialogue about the "complexities of the region’s ongoing strife" You don’t want to buy their Shepard Fairey snack pack of gorilla art? Don’t. I’m not. 

The nice thing about the internet is it will keep shady nonprofits in check. TDW did a good job of saying why you shouldn’t give money to ICM. What they didn’t do, was offer any solution beyond donate to Matt Damon’s four star charity instead. I didn’t even know Matt Damon had a charity. Maybe if he had ICM’s marketing team we’d be talking about whatever it is The Daily What thinks we should be talking about. I assume it’s the Canned Cocktail of the Day?

I know that video popped up in your feed multiple times yesterday. I’m sure it was a struggle to move your finger a half inch to scroll past it. I’m sorry you had to wait for the Daily What to set the record straight a whole day later. You can go back to not giving a fuck now. Masturbating to how clever your blog is and how many likes you got on the 20th picture of your cat you posted today.



The Daily What’s effective takedown of the Invisible Children movement. We don’t agree with every point here, but again, we want to encourage you guys to think about this on your own. So … read.

Now THIS I’ll reblog. I waited for something like this to emerge about this whole Kony push. Not that I was instantly doubtful, but I think being a skeptical optimist is best way to absorb information from the internet.

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    I personally had no trouble with the video being posted a lot, I watched it, set up a google alert. I didn’t do much...
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    I get it. Charities are sometimes shady. They often end up being corrupt. People to this day refer to “do gooders” as...
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    HEAR HEAR for the skeptical optimists, Mr. Kinane!
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    I pretty much agree with the Daily What but you can make your own decisions.
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    I never jumped on that bandwagon because I didn’t understand why I should. It looks like I don’t have to feel a little...
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