2011 Channel 101 Channy AwardsDecember 10th 2011Doors 6:30 - Show 8:00
Awesome poster by Julia Vickerman


2011 Channel 101 Channy Awards
December 10th 2011
Doors 6:30 - Show 8:00

Awesome poster by Julia Vickerman


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    I, too, love this poster. Good job, Ms. Julia. That rendering of Jamestrain makes me want to get onboard!
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    this is one sweet poster.
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    The 2011 Channys are going to be amazing this year, and not because I’m nominated for some stuff. Imagine the Oscars,...
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    Holy cow! (do people still say holy cow or was I just that amazed that I regressed to my days of hiding and giggling)...
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    I wish I could go to this. The Jamestrain makes this awesome poster even more awesome
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    let’s get willy
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    YAY the Channys!!
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    Amazing poster for an amazing event. I can’t wait!
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    lAwesome poster by Julia Vickerman Thanks...White Tiger love!
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    Consider my ass reserved based on this poster alone. Not that I wasn’t going to anyway.
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    It’s almost time for the event of the year!!! Get your RSVP in now, bitches!
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    Really cool poster Julia! Go Channies!
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